Champion Milking Systems

Service Maintenance & Sanitation

We Offer

  • Top of the line Dairymaster Parlor systems
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Electrical installation and service
  • Stainless and aluminum welding
  • Milking parlor installations
  • Service of all brands of dairy equipment
  • Scheduled maintenance of all brands of pulsators, milk meters, and detachers
  • Quality milk evaluation and milk system analysis (NMC)
    • Pulsator graphing
    • Line vacuum level analysis
    • Teat end vacuum level analysis
    • Regulator efficiency
  • Sales and Service of complete water systems and peroxide treatment
  • Professional wash-up analysis provided
  • Commercial washer and dryer sales and service
  • Sales and service of Calf StarĀ® pasteurizers
  • Manure treatment

Our Blue Ribbon Route Program

Benefits to Being a Blue Ribbon Route Customer
  • 12% chemical discount
  • Additional 5% cash discount if paid within five days
  • 5% discount on yearly maintenance program
Route Checks
  • Routine vacuum pump maintenance
    • Oil change and filter replacement
    • Grease the pump
    • Pump flush
    • Belt check
  • Regulator services
  • Vacuum level analysis
  • Water quality analysis
  • Inflation replacement
  • Hose maintenance
  • Chemical and supply deliveries
  • Routine vacuum filter maintenance