Champion Milking Systems



Better udder health!

Dairymaster milking equipment has been designed to have the lowest levels of liner slip, excellent milk out and lower shear forces on teats which is better for udder health.

Research has shown it to have the most stable milking vacuum, while applying a very low vacuum in the rest phase. Studies have shown our cluster to have the lowest slip levels and also excellent milk.

Maximize milk yield!

Scientific research has shown that the Dairymaster milking system maximizes milk out through their unique combination of the claw, liner and pulsation system. The Dairymaster cluster yielded up to 5% more than other commercially available clusters on the market. Many dairy farmers who have converted to a Dairymaster system have seen an increase in their overall production.


Mimics a calf suckling…

Improving teat ends by milking the way nature intended.
In a Dairymaster milking system when the liner is open we have a high stable milking vacuum this is known as the “B” phase. This “B” phase vacuum level is directly related to milking speed. When the liner is closed Dairymaster has a low rest vacuum, this is known as the “D” phase. This low “D” phase vacuum is highly beneficial for reducing the shear forces acting on the teat. During milk flow simulation studies, results show that the Dairymaster system has a higher “B” phase and a lower “D” phase than a system with alternating pulsation (2X2) at the same flow rate.

Increase output while reducing labor…

We strive for a better working environment and easier lifestyle on the farm by automating many tasks.
We develop software in-house to meet this very important requirement. Over the past five decades, Dairymaster has researched all aspects of dairy farming and dairy herd management from its own in-house R&D department and has developed unique technologically advanced solutions aimed at making dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable & sustainable by increasing output and reducing labor.

dairymaster3Making farming more profitable!

Dairymaster place a huge emphasis on research and development in order to provide you with the most technologically advanced, high performance products that provide optimum efficiency for best operator and cow comfort!

Dairymaster’s aftercare service, on-going customer support and constant monitoring of product performance in the marketplace has given the company a strong competitive edge.

For more information on Dairymaster’s unique milking systems, visit their website!