Champion Milking Systems

MooMonitor +

The latest in health and fertility monitoring — a system offered by Dairymaster —

The MooMonitor+ improves farm profitability by decreasing labor requirements for farm personnel, improving reproductive performance, and minimizing losses due to missed heats, undiagnosed illnesses, and general animal well-being. The MooMonitor+ monitors the cow’s neck movements for heat-related activity, resting, rumination, feeding, head position, and restlessness.

o Higher submission rates

o Fewer missed heats

o Fewer straws used per conception

o Allows for the use of more expensive semen from bulls of higher genetic merit

o Higher conception rates through better timing of insemination

o More pregnancies = more calves o Identify problem cows earlier (anoestrus and cystic)

o Reduce calving interval

o More compact calving season

o Reduced labor/time watching cows

o Reduces costs e.g. hormone therapy

o Easy to use

o High return on investment

o Fertility is production (more calves >> therefore, more milk)


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