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RealTime Activity

Find Your Cows On Time, Anytime

Heat detection on modern dairies can be a challenge. Both visual observation and synchronization protocols are time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly. And the harder it is to find cows in heat, the more time—and money—you lose.

BouMatic’s RealTime Activity offers you an easy-to-install, easy-to-use stand-alone activity monitoring system that gives you access to the most up-to-date herd data any time. So now you can breed your cows back sooner and with greater accuracy, maximizing your herd’s profits, and saving you time!

Two types of HeatSeeker™ II RealTime Activity Tags, both available in leg and neck versions, to suit your management needs:

HeatSeeker II RT
An activity monitoring-only tag that lets you focus just on your herd’s daily movement!

HeatSeeker II RT+
A tag with BOTH activity monitoring capabilities AND Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) so you can use it for in-parlor identification too!

RealTime Activity System Features:

  • The Standard Antenna option allows you to read tags within a 50-meter radius of the antenna, while the Long-range Antenna option can read tags up to a 1,000-meter radius.
  • Activity alerts are viewable on any internet capable mobile smartphone so you can take your work with you
  • Works great in both confined housing and pasture settings
  • Add up to 4 antennas for maximum pen and pasture coverage, no matter which antenna you use
  • Leg tags monitor low cow activity, while neck tags monitor each cow’s eating and grazing activity, both which allow you to find sick or lame cows sooner and treat them faster
  • Put a tag on every cow in your herd or just a portion of them…the choice is yours!

Go “RealTime” with BouMatic today and be on your way to breeding your cows earlier and with more accuracy than ever before.