Champion Milking Systems


The Urban CalfMom enables the fully automatic feeding of your calves. This not only saves you much work and time, but you also benefit from many additional advantages of this extremely well thought-out feeding machine. The Urban CalfMom is equipped for all tasks: It will alternatively feed calf milk replacer or up to 100% whole milk while monitoring the calves like a mother. If a calf does not drink the previously measured individual amount, the CalfMom will raise the alarm immediately. Once you’ve used the Urban CalfMom to feed you’ll never want to miss it. Test it and see for yourself!

urban-icon1flexible integration in every stall and expandable with practical accessories


urban-icon2can be developed to a centrally controlled feeder network for larger live stocks


urban-icon3best hygiene: cleaning program with two different rinsing agents and integrated teat cleaning


urban-icon4compact, frost-resistant stainless steel housing


urban-icon5Highest material and production quality